• Existing building analysis and

  • Research and evaluation of similar buildings/spaces to lead architectural programming

  • Conceptual study integrated with design scenario

  • Design of corporate identity, totems, signage etc.

  • Function, usage and climate analysis

  • Allocation and circulation pattern studies 

  • Continuity of design concept in the overall design through:

    • Solid/void relationship,

    • Indoor environmental parameters,

    • Building and finishingmaterials,

    • Details,

    • Furniture etc.

  • Considering room acoustics depending on Acoustical design principles and acoustical modelling of the spaces


Students are required to design a ‘Public Hall And Culture Center’ located in Turgutreis, Bodrum. Turgutreis is one of the tourism settlement on Bodrum Peninsula. Similar to other settlements like Yalıkavak and Türkbükü, Bodrum itself and others, Turgutreis is in competition with the other towns to attract people more every year. Therefore, each town tries to have its own identity by providing different facilities with different physical appearances. Turgutreis has a Marina, Sunset beach and a walkway beside the sea and its own park that is called Turgutreis Park. The Cultural Center Building was built to emphasize this identity, in a way to create a resonance to big cultural events,The International Classical Music Festival and much more. However the culture center does not work properly to create an attractive hub within the town. Therefore students are required to make a thorough research and by creating an innovative architectural program to make this center a culture and education center for the local and international public.

The following project research which will be studied by the group of students should cover all topics as they are listed below;

  1. Geography, topography, climate information of site

  2. Population analysis  of Bodrum Peninsula and Turgutreis

  3. Tourism potential in the area and facilities in similar international tourism towns

  4. Potentials of Turgutreis in terms of local and international culture and education facilities

  5. Building analysis will be:

    1. Environmental - orientation, site, vehicle and pedestrian approach  
    2. Positive and negative characters of the building

    3. Design opportunities and limitations of the existing space characteristics

    4. AutoCAD drawings of the building from blueprints

    5. The model making of the building - 1/500


While conducting research on the topic and the town aspects that are listed below should also be considered individually which will be ended up as concept work.

  • History / Nature of Society / Traditions / Craftsmanship / Festivals

  • Art (Music, Dance, Ballet, Opera, Fine-Arts, Culinary Arts, etc.)

  • Design (ranging from Product Design à to Urban Design including Architecture)

The specific design concept should be derived from the cultural values and/or features of the town that are analyzed in the preliminary research phase and included in the design scenario, which will constitute the key element or essence of the project, while designing this multi-functional complex.

This multi-functional complex should be designed according to the design scenario identified at the beginning of the project.  This scenario is on the usage of this multi-functional complex and the way this facility works and serves to the general public. Therefore the design scenario should include aspects on;

  • Purpose

  • User profile

  • User density

  • Functions in the building

  • Usage times and usage frequency of the spaces


  • Concept and design Scenario board with conceptual sketches

  • Architectural Program / Allocation plans / Circulation Pattern schemes

  • Constructive andspatial building analysis

  • Site plan / Plans / Sections / Reflected ceiling plans (1/200 – 1/100 – 1/50 – 1/20)

  • Exterior elevations / Interior elevations

  • Axonometric drawings and material boards

  • Detail Drawings (1/10 – 1/5)

  • Acoustic modelling and analysis on lecture and conference rooms or halls


  • Attendance, Critiques, sketch problems and assignments10%

  • Acoustic modelling5%

  • Pre-Juries (x2)20%

  • Midterm Juries (x2)30%

  • Final Jury35%